Bellefields Road Brixton Mural

Abstract images create a record of Brixton

Bellfields Road Brixton Mural 1 Many of the murals in London give a nod to the local history of the area often represented through pictures of local people.This mural is a patchwork of shapes, patterns, structures and symbols with the majority of them denoting local names and buildings.

The artwork itself was designed by the London Wall Mural Group in 1987 in association with local residents who were sent questionnaires asking about what they wanted to see in the design. According to one of the artists, they wanted birds, flowers and something non-political. The finished piece was a "semi-abstract" composition referencing the local area. (1)

The mural incorporated images of the now lost Empress Theatre, the green dome of the McDonalds on Brixton Road and the abstract patterns of the local church. There is play on the names as the bell represents Bellefields road and the gate, Gately Road. There a pile of bricks symbolising Brixton; this is similar to the design on the Victoria Line at Brixton underground station. (2)

Funding was raised from Lambeth council and Greater London Council (GLC). The mural was opened on 20th May 1987. (3) Original artwork can be seen at Lambeth achives including a number of other versions. (4)


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There are quite a number of cracks in the render and this is leading to small chunks falling off the wall. At the top the paint is very flaky. There is a pencil drawing on the mural and someone has put an A4 poster on the bottom.

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This mural is in OK condition

Where to find it

Bellefields Road, Brixton, SW9 9UH

From Brixton Road turn into Ferndale road then immediately take the cut through on the right. The mural is at the end of the cut through across the road.
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#664455 #667799 #99AABB #BBDDDD #002222 #66AA99 #335544 #999977 #EEEECC #666633 #CCBBAA #332211 #664444


8 m x 9 m Person for scale


  • Paint: Co-seal

How to get there

2, 196, 322, 333, 345, N2

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