Everton Buildings Mosaic Mural

An unknown passageway reveals a glittering wall of mosaics!

Everton Buildings Mosaic Mural

Whilst wondering the back streets of Euston, it's quite easy to miss the amazing mosaic mural located on an alleyway called Everton Buildings. Created by Jim Anderson of Kenya Mosaic who was also responsible for the nearby Somers Town Youth Club mosaic, this piece was designed in 2001 with the help of local people.

The mosaic work is beautifully executed and features among other things local residents, planets and animals, including a particularly amusing monkey!

We are currently researching the history of this mural. If you can help, please do get in touch.

UPDATE 2013 Unfortunately a large section of this mural has been destroyed as part of the development of the end of the street. However we are lucky to have photos of that section and some of the mural still remains.


Overall the mosaic is in good condition with little evidence of missing tiles.

Have we missed something?

If you know something about this mural that we have missed the please get in touch.

This mural is in OK condition

Where to find it

Everton Buildings, Stanhope Street NW1 3RY

From Warren Street Station, cross the road to Hampstead Road. Walk down Hampstead Road and take the second left onto Drummond Street. Take the first right onto Stanhope Street. Walk up the road and take the third right. You are now on Everton Buildings. The mural will be visible to you.
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15 m x 3 m Person for scale
Full width not shown


  • Tile: Mosiac tiles and ceramics

How to get there

24, 134, 29, 10, 390, 73
Warren Street

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