Highbury Grove Mural

An explosion of urban wildlife sits on a wall in a built up urban environment.

 Highbury Grove This mural began its life in 1986. It was designed by muralist Dave Bangs and worked on with assistants Karen Gregory, Diana Leary and Jane Margrave. To do the work a scaffold was put up and over 15 months, a scene of local wildlife was painted onto the wall of a Victorian town house overlooking Highbury Grove Comprehensive School.

The mural depicts 61 species of common wild plants and small animals which can be found in even the most build up areas surrounding the mural. Many of the plants were painted from real life and a numbered key was placed next to the mural listing the names of all the species included. At the top of the mural, overlooking the sea of plants appears portraits of pupils from the adjacent school.

The mural is pretty much on its last legs as the sun has faded the paint and although one can appreciate the quality of the painters, the murals days are numbered.


Due to a miscommunication between two different council departments, this mural was destroyed. The original artists, Diana Leary and Karen Gregory had been working with the council on raising funds to repair the mural. The council have said they will replace the mural but we wait to hear whether they will reinstate the old one or look for something new.


Over the years the mural has faded. It also has small marks from repairs to the render.

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This mural has been lost

Where to find it

Highbury Grove, Islington, N5

From Highbury and Islington Station, take a short walk up Highbury Grove. Past, the school, on your left, you will see the mural on the gable of a house.
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7 m x 9 m Person for scale


  • Paint: Household paint

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Higbury and Islington

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