Riders of the Apocalypse

Nuclear threat in New Cross

Riders of the ApocalypsePainted by Brian Barnes on the end property of Sanford Housing Co-operative, this mural is reminiscent of the Nuclear Dawn mural in Brixton, and of the iconic scene that concludes Peter Sellers' film 'Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb', in which Major T. J. 'King' Kong, played by Slim Pickens, straddles a nuclear bomb, riding it to detonation.

The brightly coloured mural features caricatures of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the then head of state of the USSR Yuri Andropov, ex US President Ronald Reagan and former Secretary of State for Defence Michael Heseltine looping around the globe on cruise missiles, dollar bills and pound notes in their wake, on a collision course with the CND peace signs and white doves.

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In reasonable condition: some minor paint peeling, and small amounts of graffiti/tagging

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This mural is in good condition

Where to find it

Sanford Walk, New Cross, London SE14 6NB

Turn right on exiting New Cross Gate Station, or left from New Cross Station and head along New Cross Road. Turn off at Clifton Rise (on the left if coming New Cross Gate, or right from New Cross) and cross Fordham Park. Follow Sanford Street to the junction with Cold Blow Lane; the mural can be seen on the gable end of the house straight ahead.
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#2233AA #667744 #BBCCAA #889977 #6677AA #99AACC #BB9955 #EECC88 #886622 #663300


8 m x 9 m Person for scale


  • Paint: Keim Silicate


  • Greater London Council

How to get there

New Cross, New Cross Gate
New Cross, New Cross Gate

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