Swan Road Mosaic Mural

A beautiful mosaic riverside scene

Swan Road Mosaic

Wondering around Rotherhithe, it's wonderful to stumble on this simple but striking mural illustrating the local waterfront and the present of mute swans in the area. The design for the mural was chosen through a competition with which the winner was decided by a group incorporating some of the local residents.

The mosaic is created using vitreous glass and was assembled offsite in several large sections. It pictures the Rotherhithe riverfront including the warehouses and St Mary's church which is easily spotted from the river. (1)

The piece is hard wearing however mosaics are still susceptible to damage. It is odd that the local council has decided to place large plants in front of the mural as some of the impact and detail of the piece is hidden. Hopefully they will one day remove the planting to reveal this striking piece again.


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Overall the mosaic is in pretty good condition. However, there are tiles missing in areas. A small repair would refresh the piece.

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This mural is in good condition

Where to find it

Winchelsea House, Swan Road, Rothehithe, SE16 4LH

From Rotherhithe station, step out onto Brunel Road and head left. Take your first left onto Swan Road. The mural is at the junction with Kenning Road.
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9.6 m x 3.4 m Person for scale


  • Tile: vitreous glass mosaic

How to get there

C10, 381

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