Tramshed Mural

Another Shopping Centre mural!

Tramshed mural

Woolwich, a town in flux, once an important military and industrial town, it is now a suburb of south east London resting on the Thames. Hidden among the various shops and developing spaces is a small shopping centre next to a venue called the Tramshed. Within the entrance are a wall of murals created by Greenwich Mural Workshop. No sign tells the viewer when it was painted so at the moment it's a bit of a mystery.

The mural goes around the interior wall. Each scene is enclose in an arch - in some ways like the murals seen at the Calthorpe Project. In the spandrels, workers paint the mural or work on the arches. Within these are scenes of people gathering food, working the land and communally eating - the people working together, a common theme in the Greenwich Mural Workshop murals.

This mural is in good condition and nicely protected from the elements apart from people who like tagging things! A good clean and a touch of restoration could bring this piece back to a very good condition. It's just a shame that such a nice piece of art work is so tucked away from the public's view.

We are currently researching the history of this mural. If you can help, please do get in touch.

UPDATE 2011: Sadly this mural suffered irreparable smoke damage in the riots that afflicted Woolwich and many other areas of London in August 2011. The London Mural Preservation Society has launched a campaign to replace this important work with a new mural. You can show your support or become involved on our facebook page or by emailing us.

We have had contact with the Greenwich Mural Workshop who are waiting to hear from the building owners whether the mural will be replaced.

Have we missed something?

If you know something about this mural that we have missed the please get in touch.

This mural has been lost

Where to find it

51-53 Woolwich New Road, Woolwich, London SE18 6ES

From the train or tube station which are located next to each other, take a left. Walk along this road which is Woolwich New Road, crossing Vincent Road. To your left, you will see an entrance to a shopping arcade which leads to Somerfield supermarket. The mural is in here.
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How to get there

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